فاطمة إبراهيم

Fatima Ibrahim

She is a member of the board of directors of Life Makers Foundation volunteers.
Fatima began volunteering in life makers in conjunction with the inception of the idea during 2004, she participated as a volunteer in the literacy initiative ...
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أمنية عبدالكريم

Omnia Abd El-Kreem

Kannal Sector Coordinator in Life Makers Foundation
She is one of the cofounders of the Life Makers foundation’s Suez branch, she acted as the head of the funding in “Rezk Hala 1”, “Rezk Halal 2” and “Markeb Wahed” Projects.
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Seif Tharwat

Executive Coordinator to life Makers office in Al-Sharqia governorate.
Seif became the head of the research team in “Markeb Wahed” Project in Al-Sharqia governorate, as he created the research team and trained them on the work mechanism.
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Rofaida Mohamed

Executive Coordinator to life Makers office in Al-Bagour
Rofaida works as the head of the projects audit team in “Reazk Halal 3” in Menofiaa Governorate.
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Mohamed Fares

Head of the central board of Cairo governorate
From his point of view Volunteering achieved a lot to him; and the most important achievement this Nobel act can do to you is to enjoy it...
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