Our Children’s Health

Our children are the most important thing in our life, so Our Children’s Health was one of our most important projects in LMF in 2018. As we worked on decreasing the mortal rate of neo-natal in cooperation with 10 governorates. Besides, we improved the efficiency of babies’ incubators in general hospitals.

We equipped the national hospitals with a large number of medical devices to take care of children’s health:

(22 Optical capsule devices, 11 CPAP, 12 syringe pump devices for national hospitals).

We prepared an awareness campaign for the children more than 5 years old about the infection of life-threatening diseases, in cooperation with the volunteers managing board and the participation of 359 volunteers.

Also, we prepared an awareness story entitled “El-Shater Hassan”; 6000 copies distributed on the children of villages in 10 governorates.

A specialized team of health issues provided training; about the basics of children’s awareness, for the campaign’s coordinators in the governorates

In addition to the initiating of Our Children’s Health in the health field during 2018, we also started another project to establish “kidneys’ centers” in many governorates. In all of our projects we are eager to several health services as a complementary aspect for the projects as “Markeb Wahed” project; as we provided medical insurance cards provides the necessary health care in the best medical centers and hospitals, providing the needed medications and conducting operations also.