Other ways to donate

Type of donation
From the main menu of the wallet:
Choose "Purchase"
Make Scan for the QR Code through the smart wallet your own from any bank to the wallet Life Makers - Life Makers on CIB
Or enter the number of the merchant (Life Makers)
Or enter a MEZA number (102731204)
Code (950)
Via Myfawry application
Fawry service with different electronic wallets
With Ana Vodafone Application
Vodafone Cash service

Donation steps:
1- Enter Donations
2- Choose the Megakheir application
3- From the associations, choose to donate to Life Makers Foundation Egypt
  Through AMAN outlets
  Through the Jumia Bay application
Through the application of Megakheir Or a phone message via the number 9695
Through EMasary outlets
Damn company