Markeb Wahed (one boat) Project

Markeb Wahed (one boat) project is continuing the Life Makers foundation journey (since 2011), as we are working to develop an inclusive way that adapt the “graduation approach”, in order to decrease Egypt’s poverty rates; We are seeking to help the most poverty stricken families, by providing a sustainable income which can help the families to overcome the poverty line.

“Graduation Approach” is a term means that the family has graduated (transcend over) from one of the poverty lines to another economical line, and that the family’s economical and living level has been improved.

In General the “Graduation Approach” means that the family can provide the basic needs, health care services, children education support, and the social merge services.

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees “UNHCR” this approach was first used by “BRAC” foundation in Bangladesh in 2002, and it was tested and evaluated by “CGAP” and “Ford” foundation in 8 countries, also more than 15 different governments had merged the graduation approach with its own social protection and poverty alleviation policies.
Life Makers foundation is working on determining the especial needs of every case, and arrange the necessary interference priorities, according to the global standers and the best used methods in the graduation approach.

We determined 8 specific projects to be executed to the eligible families: (Tricycles- green grocery-sheep breeding-tailoring-plumping- cow breeding-detergent project-chicken feathery- Selling livestock feed).
*We selected these projects from a long list of projects, according to some proficiency especial standards and possibility rates of loss or damage.
We divided the eligible families into three categories (under the national poverty line ــ poverty-stricken line ــ extreme poverty).

The micro projects are given as a non-refundable grant to the eligible families in 21 governorates.
We follow up with the families -periodically- to make sure of the (that the family can administrate the project successfully) project’s prosperity.

We executed 437 different projects:
1- 342 tricycles got distributed.
2- 95 variable projects (cattle, tailoring, green groceries).
3- Because the success of these project is no different from enjoying a good health, we contracted with one of the health care companies and issued 500 health insurance cards to the project’s beneficiaries -as phase one- that insures that they receive the necessary health care in the best clinics and hospitals, also provide the necessary medicine or medical operations if needed.

Till now about 1350 persons, and 437 families were beneficiaries from the project.
We are seeking to reach 800 families by the end of March 2019.

سقف ودفا