Esha we Haweia

With the partnership with the Federation Of Egyptian Banks we carried out “Esha we Haweia” project

50,000 individuals has benefited from the project.


We took place on developing and refining “Kafr Al-olo”, “Arab Rashid” in Helwan, also facing the slums and the garbage heaps crisis and fixing the waste system.


During the development of the two areas, we made sure that the community participation was represented, as the residents of the two areas were the backbone of the project, as we trained them to be effective community leaders, and raise their awareness of the importance of their role in the community and the responsibility on each and every one of them.


We start by raising the awareness, the sense of belonging, to communicate positively with the authorities, ending with the ability of making a change in the real world.


Our experience in “Esha we Haweia” with the partnership with  Federation Of Egyptian Banks has proved that in the inside of every slum area there is a civilized value, and confirmed on the value of the human being and its hidden abilities.


The sectors that we focused on were:


The Awareness

Raising the awareness (50,000 individuals-residents of 10,000 residential units) of the importance of environmental cleanliness, taking part of the cleaning campaigns, and committing to a standard method to get rid of the waste problem.



The waste management


In order to get rid of the garbage in the streets of both of our areas, we established an entire system to collect garbage from 1500 residential units, by putting 5 tricycles into collecting them over the period of 6 days.


We signed a partnership protocol with one of the active associations there to insure the continuance and prosper of this system.


Rooftops cultivation

By hiring expert engineers, we were able to cultivate the rooftops of the target area in order to accomplish our goal of having a beautiful city, as we cultivate 22 rooftops with organic plants in the first stage.

After harvesting we assist the rooftops owners to market their crops with the help of the local charity there.


Aesthetics and afforestation (gardening) 


With the collaboration with the cleanliness and beautician authority in Cairo and Helwan we’ve cultivated 2500 trees.

Also with the collaboration of the residents, artists and students of the faculty of fine arts Helwan University, we were able to paint 30 graffiti on houses frontiers.


With the collaboration between us and the ministry of environment we trained 46 individuals on: -volunteering and its effect on developing the society.

-leadership skills.

-new tools on how to preserve and protect the environment.

-the value of arts and the innovative thinking skills.

-how to cultivate trees and tend to them.