About us

About the Organization

Life Makers Foundation (LMF) is a non-governmental and non-profit organization established in 2011 under the Egyptian Law of Associations and Foundations (registration no. 839/ 2018)

As a voluntary-based foundation, Life Makers foundation empowers young people to become active leaders in their communities; with 12 offices and 19 partner organization across the country.

The foundation adopts the Humanitarian Principles: Humanity, Neutrality, Impartiality, and Independence throughout its programs to ensure that assistance is done without any discrimination based on ethnicity, religion, sex, or any other biases. LMF provides humanitarian and development interventions to the neediest beneficiaries while preserving their dignity and participation.



Our Vision

Inclusive community development for the benefit of the humanity

Our Mission

We provide young people across Egypt with knowledge, skills, and opportunities to become active leaders capable to address local challenges in their communities through volunteering in a meaningful and innovative interventions tailored to the needs of marginalized and most vulnerable groups while preserving their dignity within the framework of neutrality and equality.

Toward the realization of the vision, at Life Makers Foundation

We strive

  • To innovate new means of implementation to ensure effectiveness and quality of services
  • To empower young people with tangible tools and skills for self and community development
  • To reach the most vulnerable and in-need beneficiaries across Egypt

We promote

  • The role of youth as active change makers
  • Innovation and technology as key element in development
  • Youth-led groups and organizations as key stakeholders in community development
  • Core Humanitarian Standards

We fight

  • For the rights of every child, women, young person to reach their potential in their communities
  • For the rights of our beneficiaries to receive high-quality services while preserving dignity and confidentiality