The outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic led to strict recommendations for citizens to stay in their homes and reduce mixing while avoiding crowded places so that the social separation became the first and main means of prevention and control of the pandemic, as a result, millions of families are exposed to losing their work, which was dependent on daily wages, what exposes millions of citizens to hunger or prevents them from staying in their homes and their commitment to the instructions of the World Health Organization and the Egyptian Ministry of Health. For this reason, Life Makers Foundation launched a campaign (Elnas L Ba’adha) to ensure eligible families until the end of the crisis; The damage was exacerbated by rain that preceded Egypt’s announcement of a partial curfew, closing shops and commercial centers, and the suspension of prayers in places of worship, where the unprecedented heavy rain affected homes and crops owned by thousands of families.

Through the family research databases that life makers have been updating for years and periodically, we were able to target one million eligible people as a first stage of the campaign, so that our aid would reach them in safe ways without mixing to control the pandemic and reducing the chances of infection, and that is by delivering the aid through cards which delivered to the beneficiaries in cooperation with the state-owned Damen company, provided that the aid is distributed as follows:


Food commodity

We provide all services through a unique e-code for each family.

The beneficiary takes what food he needs from the outlets (government ration outlets as per their choice).

(The food commodity is sufficient for families for a month. It is done through an electronic card for each family. The value of the card is 300 pounds per month.

We provided outlets all over Egypt, whether centers or villages and the beneficiary is directed to the nearest outlet, in order to get the service.


Cash support

We provide financial aid to workers affected by the work interruption by providing a monthly amount (1000 pounds) to be paid for the bread winners of families through a credit card that transfers the amount for a month to the beneficiary’s account.



Clothing is for 3 months for a family worth 600 pounds.


Health insurance card

Providing health care for families by making an insurance card for families who are eligible for a year and not registered in insurance records.


Small projects with an average of 22,000 pounds for the family

Small projects to improve livelihoods and provide a fixed income for the family.



Relief for families affected by natural disasters (emergency medical care – rebuilding homes – repairing damaged homes – providing emergency interventions).

We provide more than one card for families in various sectors, according to their needs.


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